The Lifestyle Coaching Program

So you’ve been through one of our programs. You have learned and grown so much that you want to help other’s improve their lives and relationships. In fact, if you want to continue to grow and improve yourself you need to begin helping others grow. The Lifestyle Mentoring Program provides you the opportunity to just that. Whether you have taken the Sizzling Hot Marriage Maker or Recovering My Life Program you can invite others to take the program and mentor them through the program helping them improve their lives and relationships. They too can become mentors. And together we can all make this world a better place by improving lives and relationships. In addition you have the opportunity to earn some extra change doing so. You will earn about $40 for every new member you sign up. And for every member they sign up you will earn about $20. If you are one of those really aggressive types you may be able to earn more than just a little as a mentor.

To get started as one of our mentors sign up for the mentor training course here.

Recovering My Life