Recovery Instruction Manual

New Life LoadingSo you have decided its time for a change. Congratulations! Now lets get to work.

To be successful at change requires continually doing the desired behaviors over and over again until you master them. This is how you have become so good at those bad behaviors. Repetition is the master teacher. So here are the things you will need to repeat over and over again to successfully change. Remember this is an intensive outpatient treatment program. You are trying to break hardened habits. It will require your dogged determination to persevere through this program. You haven’t been court ordered. No one can make you do this. You have to do it yourself. And with God’s help you will.

  1. Complete the assessments you were asked to take. Copy your results to the results page.
  2. Write down your goals and complete your relapse prevention plan. Be sure to regularly check back to review your goals and plan.
  3. Faithfully attend scheduled therapy sessions with your therapist. Complete your assignments.
  4. Faithfully attend group therapy each week. Don’t miss two consecutive weeks of group. Respond to each week’s question in your group forum and make an entry in your recovery journal at least weekly.
  5. Keep your weekly appointment with yourself to work on your 12 step study.
  6. Check your recovery progress monthly with the progress tracker and recovery progress assessment.
  7.  Use the empowerment plan to reinforce those positive behaviors you know will make the most difference in creating the changes in your life that you desire. Keep track of your weekly points and keep setting the bar higher each week.
  8. Use the thought checker when you are trying to decide if you are thinking right.
  9. Stay in communication with your recovery partner and the other group members on your and recovery network. Whenever you type the @ symbol those you have befriended will pop up for you to message. And by all means stay in communication with me. Let me know when you can’t make group and don’t allow more than four weeks to go by without coming in to individual therapy.
  10. Don’t quit just because you are feeling better, getting along better with your spouse, found a new lover, or just got tired of all the therapy. Don’t quit till you complete Step 12 and I release you. I promise I won’t keep you longer than you need to stay.

Remember God wants the best gifts for you. Your being a whole person is something He wants. He is with you. He wants you to be successful. When you need help – turn to Him.

And don’t hesitate to email me [] or call (256) 690-6260 when you need me. You can contact Jannine [] or call (256) 850-4426 if you have any accounting questions.

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