Recovering My Life Payment Options

Which Program Option Works for You?

To participate in the recovery program you must purchase the Recovering My Life course dashboard, group therapy, unlimited therapist messaging support, Emotional Well-being & Development Assessment, and the Personality Assessment Inventory. Purchasing them all together is a savings over purchasing them individually. However, your budget may require you to purchase each item separately. Individual therapy is not included in the program package and must be purchased separately.

Listed below are your purchase options:

  1. Complete – The Complete option includes all aspects of the Recovery Program [My Dashboard with Recovery Course, Four months group therapy, Unlimited Therapist Messaging Support, Emotional Well-being & Development Assessment, and the Personality Assessment Inventory.]
  2. Complete 4-payments – Same as above but with 4 weekly payments
  3. Basic – The Basic option includes the dashboard, 4 Months group therapy, and Unlimited Therapist Messaging. The assessments are not included in this option.
  4. Basic 4-payments – Same as above but with 4 weekly payments.
  5. Solo – The Solo option only includes the RecoveringMyLife Dashboard.
  6. Solo 4-Payments – Same as above with 4 weekly payments.

A la Carte Packages

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A la Carte Assessments

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Insurance Co-payment/Co-insurance Options

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Note for Clients using Insurance: Insurance will only cover therapy sessions held in the office and possibly testing. You will have to pay out of pocket for the dashboard/messaging support. You have options to pay the minimum fee or your copay for your EWDA and PAI assessments. Please be prepared to receive an invoice for services insurance fails to pay.


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Recovering My Life