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The Recovering My Life Program is about creating healthy marital relationships. If you are married or looking to be ready when the right one comes your way, this program will transform your life. You can become an entirely different person. An emotionally healthy person. By addressing those unresolved emotional issues in your life you can stop cycling people in and out of Couple with kids on backyour life. You can get some stability and most of all some peace of mind. You can finally achieve a healthy vibrant marital relationship. Our intervention programs are working to help so many people revolutionize their life and relationships. One huge reason why adults struggle in relationships is because their emotional needs were not adequately met in childhood. If you grew up in a dysfunctional environment with emotionally repressed people you are probably an adult child and are not experiencing the success in your relationships that you so much desire. Another reason is simply because you haven’t been taught problem-solving communication. Simple discussions become huge arguments. Our programs seek to holistically address relationship issues.

We have a Recovering My Life Women’s Program and Men’s Program that seek to address issues specific to gender. This is a very effective method of empowering change.


This program addresses the many issues that are symptoms of your unresolved emotional issues:

SUBSTANCE ABUSE  So many are unaware of the dangers of substance abuseusing mind- altering substances. Many get caught in the addiction trap and find their lives terribly afflicted – stressed out, tired all the time, broke, broken relationships and failing mentally, spiritually and declining physical health. Getting out of the drug trap is not easy but millions are doing it. You can too!


  • Do you feel you grew up in what would be called a dysfunctional home?
  • Do you feel as a child you were deprived of a home life that was nurturing?
  • Did you feel frustrated, depressed or angry throughout the majority of your childhood?
  • Do you frequently feel anxious, over-sensitive or easily irritated?
  • Would others consider you an extremely loyal person, even when evidence suggests loyalty is undeserved?
  • Do you run away too quickly when things get tough?
  • Would you say you have a pattern of being in unstable, short-term,volatile or multiple relationships?


parents arguing in front of kidsIf you answered yes to any of these questions we encourage you to allow this program to start you on the path to growing into experiencing stable and mutually fulfilling relationships.

Millions have found freedom from self-defeating thoughts and behaviors using the 12 Step approach. Along with therapy you can gain healthy habits and enjoy healthy relationships.

FOOD ADDICTION It is unfortunate when something so vital for our survival becomes something that can destroy us.food-temptation Food too can be used to manage our emotions.  It is a quick and easy way to think about something other than what may really be bothering you. Over the course of time, however, you can’t hide from this personal and private habit. Making food your friend rather than your foe is a journey we will help you safely navigate in our Food Addiction Recovery Program.

We often get introduced to our sexuality at an early age. Unfortunately many are exposed to sex through inappropriate touching or molestation. This exposure can develop into a perversion of sexuality that ultimately has a very negative impact on your marital relationship. Our Life Recovery Program seeks to help you see God’s way of viewing your sexuality and recover from your past.


Find FREEDOM from your bad thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Help is just a click away.

heading_5Addiction to another person can be just as destructive as addiction to substances. Putting up with whatever another person dishes out robs you of your individuality and opportunity to unhappy relationshiplive life on your terms. Interdependence is the goal of healthy relationships. Our goal is to teach you how to live with healthy boundaries and develop relationships that last a lifetime. Who doesn’t want to feel good?upset-woman-sitting-by-her-boyfriend
ANXIETY & DEPRESSION  Anxiety is an uncomfortable physical response to a psychological perception of danger or trouble. You may feel a rapid heartbeat, headache, increased breathing, sweating, or other sensation in your body. Depression is described as feeling down, discouraged and/or defeated particularly over an extended period of time. You can defeat depression using our Recovering My Life Program.

EXPLOSIVE ANGER  Anger is a natural response when you feel threatened. But it doesn’t have to be your go to response when things don’t go as you expected. Is your anger getting the best of you? Anger should inform you to go into problem solving mode – not create more problems. Angry explosions damage your relationships with those who mean the most to you. Learn how to manage your emotions in this program. Learn how to respond thoughtfully when angered.

RECOVERY  Recovery requires being open to doing things differently. Recovery requires believing your life can be better and traveling down a new path. Therapy can be helpful in developing this new path and staying encouraged along the journey.What does recovery look like? More stable relationships, increased productivity, improved self-esteem and an overall increased ability to manage addictive behaviors. We use an approach to recovery that has proven to be effective in the lives of millions.

Based on the 12 Steps of AA this program takes you on a journey helping you recognize your emotional deficits and growing your ability to effectively manage your emotions. You will learn to think differently and form new thought pathways that will lead to feeling and behaving better. You will learn healthy coping mechanisms to better deal with stress and life’s difficulties. You can work the course alone or you can receive therapy throughout the process.


  • Discover and find enjoyment in your “normal” state of being, which is unique to everyone.
  • Exercise your mind and soul, just as exercise builds your body.
  • Seek out and heal your old wounds so they stop resurfacing subconsciously.
  • Strengthen your inside beliefs so they’re reflected in your outside character.
  • Make peace with your past and embrace your future.
  • Stabilize your relationships
  • Get your happy!

Developed by Joseph L. Follette, Jr., M.Div., M.S., LMFT, an experienced Marriage & Family Therapist with over 20 years of experience helping people reach their potential. Joe is sensitive to the issues you are going through and is skilled at leading change Joe_Jr_3in people’s lives. Joe believes in his client’s ability to craft a better life. Sign up for this program now if you are ready for change.

Marriage & Family Therapy is a perspective that looks at problems from a global perspective identifying the contributing factors to the problem rather than as individual pathology. We offer in-person and telephone opportunities for couples to assess and work on their relationship confidentially and conveniently.Online program

My clients say that I help them feel relaxed and empowered. They report feeling hope and peace even after the first session. I ask questions that release my client’s own creative problem solving energies. “You make the environment safe to release the ugly stuff inside.” – Naomi

Let this Recovering My Life program help you discover the abundant, exciting and joyful adult life you were purposely created for. Ready to get started? Click the button below.

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